Swimming Pool

Swimming Pools

An excellent swimming pool begins with detailed engineering calculations. Calculations like the aim of the swimming pool, sizes, utilization density, the area where it placed creates the start point of the swimming pool.

By using it’ s own experience, Seva specifies the variables of the swimming pool like insulation, shape, illumination, mechanical room and overflow system. These calculations have a great importance in swimming pools and areas which have directly a relationship between users. The mechanical rooms which are ineffective according to user density, swimming pool’ s over polluted water quality as a result of over usage, the requirement of much chemical for disinfection in the swimming pool can be given as an example. Seva represents the infrastructure to the customers at the end of specifying legibility in the most ideal requirements.

The latest innovation in technology and the new products are usable in swimming pool which is constructed on the specified infrastructure. Seva uses it’ s engineering ability for the swimming pool by being unproblematic for many years.

Seva is always keeping the bar at the highest level by the projects from salt water swimming pool, water mammals show center to the natural swimming pools.