Seva is producing and designing sauna projects with the experience of many years. Carefully calculations provides the necessary infrastructure for the air and heat flows, calculation of the heating properties, to reach the ideal humidity for the areas ideal therapy occasion. Seva produces the saunas for suitable requirements and appearance in Spa & Wellness concept.

Sauna is a bathing unit for guests to relax and release the toxins by high temperatre and humidity. No matter what your personal choise is Seva represents you the top quality equipments and the engineering calculations for the right effective work of this equipments. The flow of air in the sauna room, creating different temperature zones and the all comfort equipments to make the high quality time spending is designed and applied by the engineering experience of Seva. All the sauna units are produced and mounted in the production facility of Seva. Our interior architects designs the sauna by basing on the information like the number of people who will use, placing the units to produce. The result is the products that work like a clock and the enriches the value of your firm. Seva also serves to after-sales maintenance, repair and consultancy.

As Seva Engineering in Sauna Design and Manufacture;

    • We choose proper wood carefully to create the top quality sauna by the projects attribution.
    • By the right selection and cutting we use the form of wood with high durability and without stretch.
    • By the effective and passing through the engineering filter we insulate the heat at the top level and decrease the operating costs.
    • By using tempered glass we eliminate the security risks of ordinary glasses.
    • We design the air inlet and exhaust air vents with our engineering calculations, the proper heat distribution by the laws of physics and guarantee the comform of the guests.
    • We place the broad and comfortable benches in center of design to keep the pleasure of guests at the highest level. We shape surfaces smooth and robust.
    • We work with the design concept of design solutions that your firm needs in the center of engineering frame.
    • With engineering labour it is planned to reveal an effective working and perfect seemed product, also our engineers and architects work together.
    • We guarantee an effective and no maintenance required electrical systems, far away from the eyes and guest access but easy access of the service.
    • Alt the door systems from hinge to the frame are produced in the production faciliate of Seva. Not any dimension and shape is non-reachable for Seva.
    • All the accesories can be choosen by the catalogue, if requested Seva can produce in the projects quality and customers choice special designed accesories.

Sauna Types

Traditional Sauna

In Scandinavia sauna is using in two traditional forms. It is mostly between 75-90 0C temperature and 20-35% of humidity. By sprinkling a ladle of water  to the hot sauna stones people can feel the unique sensation and provides the heat air wave penetrating to your skin. It opens your pore, freely perspiring and dissapears your dead skin cells in shower.

A rare and more extreme sauna is named as dry sauna in very high temperatures approximately 95 – 110 0C without humidity. This sauna is more popular for the people who wants to feel searing sensation of heat on their skin and the only way of body to cool is respiration.

Steam Sauna

A gentler form of sauna is called steams sauna in approximately 45 – 65 0C temperature that many people experience as the ideal bathing temperature. By the automatic and continuous supply of steam the humidity becomes constant at 40 – 65 %. As a result both young and old can stay here in konger. Steam saunas produce same sensation of clean and frexh skin to give you the same opportunity to unwind  and relax both of your soul and body.

Infra Sauna

This sauna is based on heating the guests  by infrared radition. This method is widely used by beauticians from all the world to enhance the efficacy of a number of skin treatments and penetrates deep into the body. It is known that infrared radiation is also helpful to rheumatism, tense muscles and similar aches and pains.  Thus; it enhances the sensation of mental and physical wellbeing. Infra panels are fully-contained seperate units and do not require sauna heater. By this function a sauna with heater can turn into infra sauna if it is requested.

Hints for a Perfect Sauna Experience

  • Benches, skirts and backrests can be oiled in sauna. This odourless oil produce water-repellent surface and makes cleaning easier.
  • It is impotant to keep sauna clean and fresh.By scrubing the benches and floor regularly helps the sauna in the standards of first day’s hygiene.
  • By accurate measuring the ideal height of hygrometer and thermometer is 1.5 meter above the floor. Measure the values regularly and perform the necessary adjustments. Sauna benefits in the ideal range, above or under values of this range effects your comfort in a negative way.
  • To prevent the cracks and fractures a plastic insert in the bucket should be used. Always leave the bucket on the floor where is the coolest zone in sauna. We advise you to oil the bucket with sauna oil.
  • Sauna stones should be igneous dolerite rock (diabese) or olivine, both of which withstand rapid heating and cooling. Stone compartment should be filled with correct density and shape. Regularly all the stones should be removed and the calcium deposity and stone particles should be vacuumed. To work heater effective and make it long lasting this maintenance should be done. Do not exposure the heater elements and do not sprinkle the water on resistances directly.
  • For decorative visual you can tie the birch leaves and hang them on the walls.The sauna fragrances quickly saturates and relaxes the guests. Those natural products come in a choise of scents like eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and cinnamon.
  • As your selection you can furnish your sauna with infrared panels. Infrared radiation (IR-B and IR-C) is used in a number of medical therapiesas it is believed to ease the discomfort of ailments such as sciatica, gout, rheumatism and muscular pain. Infrared heating is also used by beauticians for the positive influence on the human skin. Infra panels are more fertile and heats quickly.