Steam Room

Steam Rooms

Seva produces effective, low maintenance required, high performance steam rooms in corporated SpA projects. Quality, durability, choosing hardly eroded materials and low maintenance requirement creates our main motivation. Seva design, plans and produces all sizes and all qualifications. Seva has ability to produce mosaic, glass mosaic, even using marble with large and comfortable seating /lounging sections. In this productions elegant doors and high domes for comfort are the keys of business to present rich environments. Steam rooms volume / steam generator ratio is being calculated studiously and the most suitable steam generator is being choosen for the steam room.

In steam rooms which are produced with Seva the humidity is always %100. With a special sensor the humidity and temperature is always measured and by the result of this datas the high efficient / low maintenance required steam room generator works and the humidity and temperature is being held between the ideal gap. By the practical shower systems your guests can also shower without getting out of the steam room. Our domed ceiling has a special angle of drain for your guests to prevent dropping of condenced water. If desired we have also ability to drain all surfaces automatically. By effective ventilation to prevent suffocation of your guests, presents them a comfortable atmosphere and also increases the quality of the time in steam room. Indirect illumination is fictionalised with the latest technology without being effected by the humidity and temperature.

Steam rooms that are produced at Seva are presented in variable materials, heating and designing options. Not only the modern materials that are compatible with the area, effective and long-lasting units but also marble can be use as optional.

At Seva steam rooms not only the apperance but also the technical infrastructure is being planned and produced in high level. Seva’ s motivation is also formed by producing many years working with the same performance steam rooms and keeping your guest comfort at highest echelon.