Since 1989 Seva has acted with a strong company philosophy by; correct engineering, right material and endeavoring for reaching the perfect. This principles has created the essence of our work up to the present. We can see the righteousness of this philosophy by to be taken as reference from projects that we produced and the tangible examples of customer satisfaction.
Seva not only implements a lot of Spa & Wellness design and application in our country and overseas but also implements design, development, engineering and production projects of all this units in these bussinesses. Production capability of from the smallest ornamental pools to olympic swimming pools and biological ponds is also member of National Pool Enstitute. The key point of production of Seva is the convenience to technical standards and worthy of producing. Prioritising the qualifications of free of problems, low maintaining costs and ensuring the bussiness customers conformity to the highest level with the experience and all the possibilities that allow the technnology.
Seva is going on to be the reliable brand with the prior companies of the sector by talented and experienced staff, with the approach of customer satisfaction and putting forward the importance of long-running working.
For everything that contains Spa & Wellness concept; Seva
With the goal of high standards above the expectations, standards and the sectorial habits…

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