Turkish Bath (Hammam)

Turkish Bath has a cosmopolite structure which is likely Hadrian hammams and have the name of “Hammam” in Arabic. Ottoman built thousands of Turkish Baths. In every Turkish Bath the details in infrastructure become faultless and gained its own culture with a social environment. Understanding and creating a Turkish Bath is possible by understanding its historical infrastructure and the position. Today, Turkish Bath is redefining its position by the new SpA & Wellness areas. The businesses’ require hybrid units for visual of Ottoman Hammam’ s with exotic atmosphere and mostly without all Turkish Bath areas.

At this point, Seva without breaking the historical bonds, by using the latest technology bringing a new perspective to the Turkish Bath. By perfect water and heat insulation, attentively planned and no more need to open the floor coating electrical heating system, microbe-free drainage system, also the anti-bacterial grouting materials and the traditional benches Seva promises unproblematic Turkish Baths.

We are creating Turkish Bath with the businesses’ being proud of themselves by combining top-end quality with top-end engineering works.