Water Screens

Water screens are special production equipment which does not need a lot of space and brings the water’ s emotion and sound out to every interior and exterior sections. Seva can represent water screens in every dimension and specialty with its own organization. Water screens which are located indoors are produced with the aim of decoration with a continuous and natural flow. Perfection on the angles of the surfaces, true calculation of water transfer and feeding line are the basic specialties of water screens. We plan the system carefully with effective insulation, clear and ordinated flow without splashing outside. According to plans Seva gives special attention to every water screen project.

Water screens are also the products that needs to hide the mechanical systems and designed by the specialties of the area, human flow and acoustics. Seva calculates length of the system, water turning quantity, nozzle shapes and the angles, quality of the material clearly for the projects.

An application at the Florence Nightingale Hospital Çağlayan can be given as an example. Two-floor-high water screen has a flow at the back of the reception on upper floor and opposite side flor at the lower floor. This is an important project for Seva in application projects for ability and care. Also as one of the longest water screen in Gaziantep Şahinbey Municipality project has 9 meters high and 147 meters length with a Seva signature.