Selale Park project is a biological pond project which is located in Gaziantep Sahinbey Municipality with an area of 6500 m2. The pool that was designed and produced by Seva includes 6 waterfalls with 16 meter water column and 1200 m3/h flow rate. As an engineering success all by itself, it is Turkey’ s one of the highest and longest waterfall with 147 meter length. The pond, which supplies the needs of Gaziantep’ s relaxation and recreation spot has an effectively planned mechanical room.

Biological pond has been working with the principle of self-sufficiency and gained great acclaim by being untouched for months. Biological pond is planned with the depth of 2 meters in some places and also convenient for boating. In biological pond you can also watch special water plants and the fishes.

At “Selale Park” project in that field Seva Engineering has been constructed the high-tech biological systems in the world successfully. Biological pond which has enriched regeneration field is completed by the natural stones and rocks of Turkey. By the R&D activities Seva Engineering has led huge savings by providing natural stones and rocks from our country at regeneration area. Also required 600 tons of substrate in this project has been provided by our country.

“Selale Park” has been initiated with 13.500 aquatic plants for biodiversity. “Selale Park” has been completed as an example project to demonstrate the future of the biological pond concept.