Biological Pools

By the year of 2015 Seva meets Turkey with a new brand: Biological pools and ponds.

Modern swimming / decorative pool systems have a high capacity of filtration and have limited microbiologic activities by usage of chemicals. By the long years of experience Seva built a lot of swimming and decorative pools and won recognition from them.  Today by going around the self-sufficiency principle, this biological pools creates the best examples of the transition to the nature by being chemical-free.

Biological pools / ponds are imitating essence of nature. Nature is full of the examples of natural filtration. Today it is a perfect experience to swim in a natural pool. Seva takes this experience to the controlled areas. Seva produces as a swimming pools with installed natural filtration, without a chemical support for visualization of both natural pond or standard swimming pool. This pools are so clean that if it is desired natural examples of nature can be live in it. Fishes or water lilies can accompany with you.

Today, by gaining difference in engineering and experience Seva uses them on biological pools and ponds in every type. By the SevaPond brand we are bringing out the future to your home.